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The last thing you want to do is ignore furnace noises at your Dunlap, TN, home. Doing so could leave you with an expensive repair. If you hear any of the following three noises when your heating system’s running, contact a qualified heating contractor right away.

1. Rattling and Clunking Noises
There are a few issues associated with rattling and clunking sounds coming from your furnace. If you hear the noise infrequently, it’s likely the metal parts of the heating system cooling down and not a cause for concern. However, loose motor bearings can cause rattling noises, and so can a cracked belt. If the rattling is consistent, it’s best not to guess or diagnose the problem yourself. Instead, get in touch with a service technician to schedule an inspection.

2. Screeching Sounds
Screeching noises during furnace operation can indicate a warped mounting plate. When this happens, the plate rubs against the unit’s blower wheel and can make a tell-tale screeching sound. Sometimes the motor mount is loose, resulting in the same ear-piercing noise. Another reason for this noise is when the fan’s blower wheel gets out of alignment. If this is the case, you’ll likely notice the screeching sound when the system first kicks on.

3. Loud Thuds
Your home’s ductwork can expand and contract when your heating system runs, causing this sound. It’s most common when furnaces are installed in unheated spaces. However, a defective gas valve can cause thudding sounds too. The sound you’re hearing is the furnace delaying ignition. Since you don’t want to mess around with a defective gas valve, it’s a good idea to call a qualified technician anytime your heating system makes this sound consistently.

If you’re experiencing odd furnace noises, our qualified heating contractors can help you diagnose and repair the problem. Contact Action Heating & Cooling, Inc., today to learn more about our heating services.

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