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More likely than not, you have a traditional single-speed air conditioner in your home in Fairfield Glade, TN. You set a temperature on your thermostat, and the AC switches on each time the indoor temperature rises above it. There are such things as variable-speed ACs, though, and they can save you money in the following ways.

How Variable-Speed ACs Operate

Rather than blow out at 100% capacity all the time, as single-speed ACs do, the variable-speed kind can adjust its speed and its blowing capacity. What it can do is reduce its speed and capacity once you reach the set point. It keeps running in the background, quietly and unobtrusively.

Use Less Energy

The result is that you use less energy to cool your home. Even better, you avoid the tremendous energy consumption that accompanies a start-up. Like any electrical system, an AC draws more current to start up than it does to keep running.

Less Wear and Tear

Naturally, any AC needs servicing every now and then, but a variable-speed AC needs less of it because of its durability. By not cycling on and off, it minimizes wear and tear to the motor and other components.
Though installing a variable-speed AC is more expensive than installing a traditional single-stage AC, it more than pays for itself in the long run. You’ll also get more years out of a variable-speed system. As a side note, variable-speed ACs can provide better comfort, prevent uneven cooling, and remove more humidity from your home.

Get ahold of Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. to learn more about variable-speed ACs or to get maintenance for one you just installed in Fairfield Glade. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with whatever project we tackle for you, and we stay available 24/7 in case of emergencies. We’re a family-owned and operated company as well as a Trane Comfort Specialist.

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