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Heat pump repairs can be frustrating, mainly because they interfere with you and your family’s comfort. It’s important to know when your heat pump is due for repairs to save it from a premature breakdown. Here are some signs of heat pump issues you might experience in Spring City, TN.

1. Heat Pump Isn’t Running

If a heat pump fails to turn on, the thermostat or unit receiving power could be the cause. First, ensure that the thermostat is set to the proper setting. If that doesn’t help, call your technician to inspect the equipment and fix the issue.

2. Heat Pump Is Running Constantly

Heat pumps that run constantly will increase energy bills and shorten their lifespan. When the thermostat settings are extreme, the compressor isn’t functioning correctly or you have clogged air filters, they might cause this problem. A heating technician has the skills and expertise to inspect, diagnose and repair your heat pump if it runs constantly.

3. Heat Pump Is Leaking Liquid

Organic growth on walls may indicate a leaking heat pump that you shouldn’t ignore because stagnant water can also cause electrical damage. Clogged drain lines and refrigerant leaks can cause leaks and affect the device’s efficiency. If you suspect a refrigerant leak or clogged drain line, contact a professional for repairs.

4. Heat Pump Is Making Unusual Noise

There’s a problem with the heat pump if you hear unusually high sounds, like grinding or squealing noises. Rattling noises can originate from loose parts in the air handler or rattling ductwork, while lack of lubrication might cause metal noises. You’ll want to call your repair technician before the problem worsens.

Contact a heating specialist to handle these heat pump problems correctly if you notice these signs. We serve businesses and homes to keep them comfortable throughout the year. Contact Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. for free estimates or to schedule professional heat pump maintenance services.
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