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Your ductwork serves the critical function of transporting the cooled air from the AC into your home for recirculation. These structures may develop leakages, resulting in the loss of the conditioned air. Here are indicators that show you have leaky ducts in Grimsley, TN.

High Energy Bills

Your air conditioner draws air from your home, extracts heat, and recirculates the air back into your home minus the excess heat. When there are openings in your ductwork, the cooled air escapes and only a tiny fraction reaches your home.
Your living space remains warm, and the thermostat continues sending signals to the air conditioner to lower the temperatures. The more the AC works, the more energy it consumes. You will end up paying more for inefficient cooling.

Uneven Cooling

Your AC could be running, yet some areas are warmer than others. Ideally, your system should distribute the cooled air to all your rooms.
The openings in your ductwork reduce the amount of available cooled air. Consequently, you will end up with some rooms that do not get sufficient conditioned air.

Dusty Surfaces

Your AC filter traps dust as the air gets in the system for cooling. When your ducts leak, they allow dust from the basement and walls to enter your home without passing through the air conditioner. Consequently, you will experience poor indoor air quality symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes and allergies.

Frequent Repairs

The loss of conditioned air prompts your air conditioner to work harder. Staying on for long hours increases the wear and tear of your system components. You will have repairs more often if you have leaky ducts.

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