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An inefficient HVAC system can be very frustrating, especially during winter when you need its heating services the most. Luckily, there are indicators that can show you that all is not well with your unit. This post will cover the signs of an inefficient HVAC system in Dunlap, TN.

1. High Energy Bills
You may receive an abnormally high energy bill, yet you haven’t added any new electrical appliances, and there are no changes in the utility rates. One of the most common appliances in your home that may increase your energy bill is your HVAC system. Issues such as a clogged filter, dirty condenser and evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks, and leaky ducts may cause your energy bill to increase.

2. Frequent Repairs
Like any machine, you may require repair services once in a while to fix a few issues in your HVAC unit. However, if you notice that you need your service technician’s services more often, there is most likely an underlying problem. You may need frequent repairs if you have an outdated system, or your unit is the wrong size for your home.

3. Refrigerant Leaks
Heat pumps use a special fluid called a refrigerant to relay heat from outside into your home during winter. This fluid moves between the evaporator and condenser coils.
If there is damage to these coils, the fluid may start leaking. This means your heat pump may no longer efficiently bring in heat from the outside.

Do not attempt DIY repairs to fix refrigerant leaks because the fluid is toxic to humans and the environment. Instead, allow one of our certified technicians to do the job for you.

4. Insufficient Heating
Your HVAC system should provide warmth and clean indoor air during the colder months. Unfortunately, your system may be unable to conduct these functions if it has an underlying condition. Issues that may contribute to this situation include a clogged filter and dirty condenser coils.

Do not allow an inefficient HVAC system to keep you uncomfortable. Contact Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. for exceptional HVAC services.

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