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Trane’s new Whole-House Automation

Driving down the road, a person has the option of how fast or slow to go, what to listen to, windows up or down, heated seats and these days the exact temperature inside the car.  In most cases we have more control in our car than we do in our home.  Action Heating and Cooling, Inc now has the tools to bring complete comfort and control to your finger tips.

Trane and Schlage LiNK have introduced the Trane ComfortLink Remote Thermostat and it is available only at Action Heating and Cooling, Inc!  This new system uses Z-wave technology to enable the user to control many aspects of your home including:  thermostat, appliance modules for lamps and small appliances, real time cameras and door locks from Schlage.  This system will even help you set up an energy savings schedule that will enable you to reduce your energy consumption by 15%.  It will also give the user the ability to receive text and email alerts when recommended maintenance is needed, filters need to be changed, air cleaners need to be cleaned, unauthorized changes are made to the system or someone accesses a locked door.

Small appliances are some of the most common energy users in your home.  These are often left on all day because they do not use much energy.  It is estimated that 6% of the average household electric usage is consumed by these appliances.  ComfortLink gives you the ability to control these appliances from ANYWHERE you have internet connection.

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