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Service Agreement Program

Would you purchase a brand new vehicle and expect it to maintain itself day after day, year after year? Of course not!  Protecting your investment with regular tune ups, oil changes, brakes, tires and other preventative maintenance is the only option to ensure the long life and safety of your vehicle.

This same care and attention should also be taken with your investment in your heating and cooling system to ensure the comfort of your home for many years.  We want to help you maintain a maximum comfort level while keeping your monthly costs at a minimum.  Just like your automobile, your heating and cooling system needs annual check-ups to keep your system running efficiently and also to find and repair any major issues.  Our service technicians perform vital safety inspections to ensure your system is not presenting a danger to your health or your home.

Action Heating and Cooling’s Service Agreement program ensures that you are receiving next year’s seasonal checks at the current year’s pricing.  Prepaying for your seasonal checks “locks in” your cost, therefore saving you money when prices go up!  This program also saves you 10% on parts and filters throughout your agreement period.

Become a priority customer of Action Heating & Cooling today by signing up for our Service Agreement program.  Let us help you find peace of mind by maintaining the efficiency and safety of your home’s heating and cooling system!!