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Warmer weather is finally making its way to Sparta, TN. It’s time to look at your air conditioner and make sure it’s ready to handle its increased load as the temperature rises. Here are the top reasons to add a spring AC tune-up to your seasonal routine to make sure your system can handle the summer heat ahead.

Reduce Repair Costs

When one component of your cooling system isn’t working properly, it strains every other component. This makes those other components wear out more quickly, leading to additional AC repairs.
During a maintenance tune-up, a technician tests many components individually to see if they’re working properly. If they find one that’s not operating as it should, they can fix it before it becomes a larger problem. Common issues that lead to additional repairs include:

Maintain the System’s Warranty

Many air conditioning manufacturers require regular maintenance by a certified HVAC contractor to keep their warranties in force. You don’t want to find out that a breakdown isn’t covered by warranty because of a lack of maintenance.

Extend the Air Conditioner’s Service Life
You can expect a quality AC system, under average demand and with routine maintenance, to last 12 to 17 years, according to Bob Vila. However, without proper maintenance, your air conditioner may not see the 10-year mark. A cooling system will break down less frequently and have a longer service life with an annual tune-up.

Reduce Energy Bills
Your system depends on its ability to circulate air. There are many causes of airflow restriction in an air conditioner, and when one occurs, it drives up energy costs.

During a spring AC tune-up, a technician cleans all the areas where airflow obstructions commonly occur. They also check components that can prevent air from flowing if they are malfunctioning.
Make sure your system is ready to keep you cool all summer. Call us at Action Heating & Cooling, Inc., to schedule spring AC maintenance with one of our expert technicians today.

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