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What Features Should You Look for in a Home Air Purifier?

August 13, 2020

A home air purifier comes in handy, especially if you’re suffering from allergies or asthma. However, before you invest in one, read on to understand what features you should look for in an air purifier in Crossville, TN.

Design and Ease of Use

When it comes to choosing your air purifier based on design and ease of use, several factors come into play. If the unit will be visible in a room of your home, you’ll want to make sure that it looks attractive and matches your decor.

Looks aren’t the only factor. You also want a unit that’s easy to operate, and Wi-Fi connectivity may be important to you. Before you invest in an air purifier, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the size of the room where you intend to place the air purifier? Can the unit handle a room of that size?
  • Can the air purifier notify you when it’s time to replace its filters?
  • Can you control it using a remote control or mobile app?
  • How many settings are available for the air purifier?

Filtration Technology

It’s essential to choose the right filtration technology for your air purifier to improve air quality in your home. Some filters catch allergens like pet dander and pollen, while other purifiers use ionizing technology. Before you purchase one, make sure you understand the purpose of your air purifier and the technology it’s operating on.

Energy Consumption

Don’t buy an air filtration unit that will add significantly to your energy bills. Try looking for a gadget that uses fewer than 100 watts. You can also reach out to professionals to help choose the right model for your needs.

Maintenance Cost

You will need to replace your air purifier’s filters from time to time. Some models need new filters after three months, six months or a year. You should pay attention to the cost of the filters before you buy an air purifier, as it makes no sense to buy a cheap air purifier with filters that are double the purchase price of the unit.

When you need help selecting and maintaining an air purifier for your home in Crossville, TN, contact us at Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. Our professionals are ready to offer you advice and quotes.

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