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Air cleaners and air purifiers work to create a healthy living environment in Jamestown, TN, and relieve symptoms of dry throat, asthma, allergies, itchy skin and eczema. Both air cleaners and air purifiers lessen the probability of contracting many common sicknesses, like the common cold and flu. Let’s look at how each system works.

Air Purifier

Air purifiers sanitize the air by filtering out odors and pollutants like tobacco smoke, pet dander, pollen, ash and dust mites. An air purifier has a pre-filter to trap large particles, and it also has a charged media filter that functions as a second filter. This media filter positively charges air particles to drive them to settle on the negatively charged collection cells, thus keeping the air free of pollutants and odor.

Air Cleaner

Air cleaners also filter out dirt, dust and other pollutants from the indoor air. They can be standalone or built right into the HVAC system to allow air to pass through a built-in filter to remove impurities from the air. Built-in air cleaners are conveniently installed between the return duct and the air conditioner or furnace to maintain clean airflow in your home’s ductwork.

Installing air cleaners can prolong the life of your heating and cooling systems by preventing dirt, dust and other debris from building up on the parts inside the units.

Air Cleaners vs. Air Purifiers

Air cleaners work by simply passing air through filters that trap contaminants. In contrast, air purifiers sanitize the air by emitting negative ions, creating ozone, utilizing heat, or through UV or UVC lamps.
Air purifiers kill airborne pathogens that cause allergies and illnesses. They are also less expensive to operate than air cleaners. However, air purifiers need exceptional airflow to purify the air in your whole house and don’t remove dust as well as air cleaners.

Can’t decide which system is the best option for your needs? Contact Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. We will help you decide which indoor air quality product is best for your situation.

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