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How Does a Jamestown, TN, Heat Pump Work to Cool and Heat?

November 19, 2020

A heat pump is capable of cooling and heating your Jamestown, TN home. Read on to learn how a heat pump works to cool and heat your home.

Heat Pump Components

There are two main parts of a heat pump: the outdoor unit and the indoor air handler. The outdoor component uses a compressor to absorb air. It circulates and releases the air through the indoor handlers in the house.

As a heating and cooling solution, a heat pump takes outside air and uses it to manage comfort. The process is similar to an air conditioner. The most significant difference is your air conditioner can only cool an environment.

Efficient and Space Saving

With a heat pump, you won’t need separate heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps are eco-friendly because they don’t require fuel. It is one of the most eco-friendly climate controllers as it harvests air.

Heat pumps pull heat from the ground or air to generate heat in the winter and reverse the process in warmer months. They work best in moderate climates where extreme winter temperatures aren’t the norm.

Energy Efficiency

Modern heat pumps have a high ratio of energy input to heat output. They have the capacity to produce two to 4.5 times the heat as the electricity it utilizes. Heat pumps have a performance coefficient (cooling or heating ratio needed to operate efficiently), second only to solar installations.

With its climate reversibility and being a single unit providing year-round comfort, heat pumps are safer than combustion systems and outdistance other climate system lifespans by over three decades. With many models and their diverse functions, you’ll easily find one that makes life easier. To keep your Jamestown, TN, home comfortable year-round with a heat pump, call us at Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. today!

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