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You probably don’t give your air ducts much thought, but it might be time that you do. Most homeowners consider ductwork as a passive part of their HVAC system in Pikeville, TN, which is only partially true. The cleanliness of your ductwork can have a major effect on the efficiency of the overall system.

Why Clean Ductwork Matters

Dust in your ductwork circulates throughout your HVAC system whenever it runs, and it can pile up at the heat exchanger and coils. As dust accumulates on these elements within your system, airflow restricts, and the system has to work harder to treat your air. The harder your system must work to do its job, the shorter the lifespan of the equipment.

Signs Your Ductwork Needs Cleaning

Look for dust collecting on the louvers of your air return and vent covers. Also, pay attention to how often you need to change or clean the filters in your home. If there is dust built up on your covers or your filters need constant attention, then your ductwork needs cleaning.

For Your Health

The particulates in the dust moving through your home can be harmful to your family and even cause asthma symptoms to worsen. Dirty air, even in the cleanest home, coats everything in your home with allergens, insect waste and even bacteria that breeds in the dust. You and your family’s health will benefit from cleaner air moving through your home.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning services go beyond simply vacuuming out your system. Your duct system is also inspected for leaks and damage during the process. Fixing issues like these in your ductwork will increase the effectiveness of your HVAC system, which allows it to run less often and for less time.
Call the experts at Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. to get your ductwork inspected anywhere in the Pikeville, TN. area. Our technicians will let you know what services you need to keep your system running smoothly and your indoor air as clean as possible.

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