Furnace Repair in Dunlap, TN

5 Signs You Need Furnace Repair Immediately in Dunlap, TN

February 28, 2022

It’s winter here in Dunlap, TN, and if your furnace isn’t performing at an optimal level, your home could get to be an extremely uncomfortable place. You know it’s time for furnace repair, but what are the signs that you need it immediately? Here are five indicators you should look out for.

1. Your Furnace Completely Breaks Down

The first sign that you need furnace repair is when your furnace stops working altogether. If it’s the middle of winter and your home suddenly goes cold, there’s a good chance that your furnace isn’t working anymore.

2. Strange Noises

If you’re hearing strange hissing or rattling sounds, that’s a clear indication that something is wrong with your unit. You should never ignore these types of problems as they can often lead to bigger issues down the road.

3. High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are going up lately but your house still feels cold, you may need furnace repair immediately. If your furnace is working overtime to try and keep your home warm, it’s going to result in higher energy bills. This may also indicate that there’s a part malfunctioning within your unit.

4. Drafty House

If you’re noticing drafts coming from your windows or doors, that’s another sign that something is wrong with your furnace. A drafty house is never comfortable, so it’s best to take care of the problem right away. Oftentimes, a faulty furnace is responsible for these types of drafts.

5. Uneven Heating

If some parts of your house are much colder than others, your furnace isn’t working properly. Remember to confirm that your ducts and vents are in good condition to rule that the issue is with the furnace.

There are many signs that can indicate that you need furnace repair to avoid discomfort during the cold months in Dunlap. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, be sure to call Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. to get world-class repair services.

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