Dirty Air Filter in Clarkrange, TN

5 AC Problems Caused by a Dirty Air Filter in Clarkrange, TN

August 2, 2022

Dirty air filters are a culprit of most AC issues you may face in your Clarkrange, TN, home. Air filters capture dust, contaminants, and dirt to prevent the particles from entering your AC. Change or clean air filters regularly to avoid dirt accumulation that causes the following AC problems.


Dirty air filters force your air handlers to work harder than usual to compensate for the airflow restriction. Usually, it causes overheating of the blower motor and AC repairs. When the air handler strains to push air through a dirty air filter, it forces the AC to consume more energy, increasing cooling costs.


Your air conditioner shuts off and restarts a few times to maintain comfortable temperatures. However, dirty air filters can cause the AC to shut off and on repeatedly, which you can prevent with routine maintenance. Short-cycling can cause a noisy AC and make the unit less energy-efficient, consuming more energy and increasing utility costs.

AC Not Blowing Cold Air

If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, dirty air filters could be the cause. When the filters are dirty, air cold air can’t flow through the AC, failing to cool down your space. You need an AC repair expert to inspect the system and recommend a solution for this problem.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air filters accumulate dirt and air contaminants that could affect your health. When the dust and allergens enter the air conditioning unit, they circulate inside your home, negatively affecting your health. If your AC lowers indoor air quality, consider changing or cleaning air filters for healthy indoor air.

AC Leaking Water

Air conditioners leak water for several reasons, including frozen evaporator coil. Dirty air filters restrict airflow, lowering temperatures inside the air conditioner. Cold air failing to flow out when there’s a blockage in your air filters can cause frozen evaporator coil and water leaks.

Change or clean air filters regularly to curb the above problems. Schedule professional maintenance to detect and fix these AC problems early enough. Contact Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. today for unbeatable air conditioning services.

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