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4 Possible Reasons Your Furnace in Crossville, TN, Is Leaking Water

December 2, 2021

When temperatures in Crossville, TN, drop, you turn to your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable. Your furnace will not efficiently keep your home comfortable if it’s faulty or leaking water. If you notice a puddle of water around your furnace, here are four possible causes.

1. Home Furnace Humidifier

A culprit of the heating system leaking water is the home humidifier connected to your HVAC system. Rather than adding moisture into your home to keep it more comfortable, the humidifier might be leaking water around your furnace. It’s best to call a technician for regular furnace maintenance to prevent water leaks.

2. Metal Vent Pipe

High-efficiency furnaces have PVC vent pipes, while traditional heating systems have metal exhaust vent pipes. The combustion process produces gases that pass through the exhaust vents to the outdoors when they are hot. If the PVC pipes aren’t the correct sizes, the gases get trapped inside and later cool down, and the condensation that forms leaks out of the heating system as water.

3. Clogged Drain

If your furnace and air conditioner share a drain, the furnace could be leaking due to a clogged drain. That’s because the air conditioner fails to drain correctly due to the clog. If your heating system has a malfunctioning secondary heat exchanger that’s leaking water, you will need to hire a professional to replace it.

4. Broken Condensate Pump or Condensation Line

Some heating systems produce condensation naturally, and the condensate line drains it. If the condensation line cracks, breaks, or becomes clogged, then it can create heating system leaks. If your home doesn’t have a floor drain, it has a condensate pump that pumps the condensate out rather than draining to the floor.

If you notice water dripping from the furnace or puddling at the bottom, you should call a technician right away. Shut off your heating system, and clean up the water around the bottom as you wait for the technician to arrive. Call us at Action Heating & Cooling, Inc., today for professional heating repairs and installation.

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