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3 Signs You Need a New Furnace in Monterey, TN

November 10, 2020

During the winter in Monterey, TN, homeowners heavily rely on their furnaces. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your unit is running at full capacity. Being proactive about replacing a malfunctioning furnace can save you money. It’s important to look for the following warning signs before an emergency occurs.

Warning Sign #1: Your Heating Bill Has Gone Through the Roof Lately

If you’ve noticed a significant uptick in your heating bills over the past few years, then your furnace might be on its last legs. As your furnace ages, it needs to use more and more energy to compensate for its reduced efficiency. You might be able to squeeze a bit more time out of the unit, but you should expect your energy bill to skyrocket.

Warning Sign #2: Your Furnace Needs Constant Repairs

Different furnace parts age at different rates, so the entire unit doesn’t usually break down all at once. If the only maintenance you’ve had to do on your unit in recent years is to have somebody out to fix your pilot light a few times, then there isn’t much cause for concern. If you’ve found yourself paying for replacement motor parts or have started seeing trouble with your heat exchanger, then bigger issues are probably coming your way.

Warning Sign #3: You Haven’t Replaced Your Furnace in More Than a Decade

As long as you maintain your furnace regularly and order replacement parts as necessary, the best models should last you for a solid ten years. After a decade passes, higher heating bills and decreased performance are just around the corner. To err on the side of caution, use the ten-year mark as a signal to at least take a look at purchasing a new unit.

Replacing your furnace might sound like a big job. Still, it’s actually one of the easier things that we do at Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every replacement job. Our emergency technicians are on call 24/7 if anything ever comes up. To schedule your furnace replacement with Action Heating & Cooling today, call our office.

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