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Your furnace needs maintenance to help it stay in good working condition. Changing your filter is an important part of this. A good, clean filter in your Monterey, TN, home will help provide cleaner indoor air, a longer furnace life and improved efficiency.

Cleaner Air

The quality of the air you breathe impacts your health. So, it’s important to make sure your indoor air is clean and free from as many pollutants as possible. Not only will this help improve your overall health, but it’ll also help you fight allergies.
The air in your house may contain particulate matter or gaseous pollutants. Examples of particulate matter include pollen, smoke and pet dander. Gaseous pollutants include cleaning products, pesticides and paints.

Longer Furnace Life

Filtering out particulates and pollutants is essential to your furnace, too. If dust and debris collect on essential components, then these parts may not function properly. Malfunctioning parts will cause the furnace to work harder than necessary and shorten its lifespan.
A dirty or clogged filter will prevent adequate airflow to the system, causing it to work harder as well. Be sure to have your filter changed regularly and whenever home improvements, such as carpet removal, are complete.

Improved Efficiency

When your furnace is clean and can receive proper airflow, then it will be able to run efficiently. In addition to prolonging its life, this efficiency will also lower heating costs.
To achieve this, you need an effective filter that fits properly. You can get filters with different MERV ratings. A higher-end filter will have a higher MERV rating. It’ll filter out more particles and pollutants, which makes your system more efficient.

In short, filters are crucial for your furnace to stay clean and work at its full potential. Contact us at Action Heating & Cooling, Inc. for help to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency.

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