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3 Plumbing Services for Restaurants in Crossville, TN

September 10, 2020

For restaurants in Crossville, TN, ensuring that your facility is operating at peak efficiency is not only important for a sustainable business, but it also improves customer comfort. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider regular plumbing services if you’re a restaurant owner. Here are three plumbing services that are beneficial to restaurant owners in Crossville:

1. Camera Drain Inspections

Camera drain inspections involve advanced technology that allows plumbers to thoroughly inspect the overall health of restaurant drains. For owners, catching impending drain problems is crucial.

Hiring a plumber for an inspection allows owners to be proactive and face potential drain problems head-on without disrupting the flow of business.

2. Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is an important plumbing service, especially for restaurant owners. There are many things that can get caught in your drains, such as food, grease and hair.

Drain jetting works to break up debris and other things that can clog your pipes. This not only helps protect the lifespan of your pipes but minimizes the risk of slow drains.

3. Water Heater Maintenance

Another important plumbing service for restaurant owners is water heater maintenance. By law, commercial businesses have to provide hot water in their restrooms for safety purposes. Moreover, hot water is important when it comes to cooking and other restaurant sanitation needs as well.

With that said, water heater maintenance ensures that your restaurant is complying with local laws. This will improve the image of your business and improve the customer experience.

At Action Heating & Cooling Inc., we focus on providing a variety of services for commercial businesses. If you own a restaurant, call Action Heating & Cooling Inc. for your plumbing needs. The wide range of commercial plumbing services we provide will reduce the stress of keeping your restaurant kitchen in great shape.

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